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Being a Gay in Dubai: Insider Tips From Our Expert



Gay in Dubai

If you are gay, you might question yourself is it safe to travel to Dubai with your partner? Or should I take up the job I am being offered in Dubai?  People you might have met might have told you about Dubai not being a gay-friendly place. Whatever your thoughts, if you are gay and want to visit Dubai or shift there to work and live there, you surely must. Just follow the rules that the land goes by and you will have the best time of your life in this great city.

People of foreign origin might find it awkward that homosexuality in Dubai is still a taboo subject. It is a city where there are strict laws against homosexuality and acts of homosexuality. It could lead to arrest, a fine, and imprisonment. It is a place where one cannot be openly gay.

A gay person will have to accept the fact that he cannot be openly gay in Dubai. If he chooses to do so, he will have to face dire consequences. Dubai has become a cosmopolitan city with people of more than 200 nationalities living there but certain things are strictly prohibited. The society is still a conservative one. This does not mean that gay persons don’t live there. They surely do.

Gay Clubs

The country may be conservative and being gay in the open is prohibited. Things are done discreetly. For example, there are gay parties organized in the luxurious villas there. Then there are clubs visited by gays in Dubai.  It will seem like any other regular club. Sometimes there are raids in these clubs. It can be said that the gay scene in Dubai is underground. There are no official gay clubs in the city. If the police find out about gay-friendly clubs, it gets shut down. The expats are mostly deported. If you still want to enjoy the underground scene, it will come with certain risks. Some clubs frequented by gays in the city are mentioned next.

  • Cavalli Club

Launched in collaboration with Roberto Cavalli, the famous designer, the Cavalli Club is a club frequented by gays. It is a place which is known for its beautiful lounge. It is a great destination to lift your spirits up.

  • Cirque Le Soir

If you want to enjoy a spectacular evening you should visit the Cirque le Soir. This club is also frequented by gays.

Gay Bars 

Some of the bars in the city that is frequented by gay men are mentioned

  • Bar 44

Bar 44 is located on top of Grosvenor House Tower One. you get an amazing view of Dubai from here. Gays in Dubai frequent this bar a lot as it is known for its great mix of cocktails and single malt liquors.

  • Music Hall

Partly with theater feature, Music Hall is a unique party club. The place offers a wide range of music from around the world.

  • Stereo Arcade

Another favorite spot for gays in Dubai, Stereo Arcade is located at DoubleTree. it is a retro nightclub.

  • Belgian Beer Cafe

Belgian Beer Cafe is famous for its wide range of beers. Beer lovers frequent this place often. The meals are based out of Belgium.

Hotels in Dubai Which are Gay Friendly

The city has a number of hotels fitting every budget. A few of the hotels which are gay friendly are mentioned next.

Hilton Dubai

Hilton is an American chain of hotels. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah provides excellent service in the region and is known for its hospitality. It is a common choice among gay people who visit Dubai. The hotel has a number of restaurants, a health club, swimming pools, a lounge garden, a spa, and game rooms.

Armani Hotel

From the house of Giorgio Armani, the Armani Hotel in Dubai is known for its luxury and hospitality. It is another hotel in Dubai that gays choose when they visit the city. They are eight restaurants and a host of other facilities.

Zabeel House Mini Al Seef by Jumeirah

This hotel is considered one of the most comfortable hotels in the city. It is medium ranged and affordable. It is also known for its hospitality.

Gay in Dubai

Internet Censorship in Dubai

The government of Dubai, monitors instant messages, blogs, and chat rooms. The country has only one service provider of internet. They have a proxy server that blocks websites that is against the moral values of the country. Sites related to LGBT are blocked and inaccessible.


Less strict than the other Emirates, Dubai law does object to homosexuality.  Any act of homosexuality could lead to imprisonment or deportation. So, while in Dubai, it is advisable to stay discreet. To know more about Dubai, you can visit DubaiMatic.

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